Turbo 2.0

The new and improved Turbo Token (TURBO2.0) is a revolutionary meme coin featuring our futuristic toad mascot. Hop on board and join the ride!

The inspiration behind us, Turbo Token began as a bold experiment in cryptocurrency creation. Inspired by the power of artificial intelligence, the project's founder turned to GPT-4 with a simple challenge: create the next great meme coin, starting with a budget of just $69. Confident in the AI's abilities, the founder pledged to follow all instructions provided by GPT-4 and document the process.


Token Name: TURBO2.0
Ticker: TURBO2.0
CA: 0xE16B7A69a89Bb5C44E1bE2f51Ed6ad98972E6C74
Total Supply: 69,000,000,000
Tax: Buy Tax: 1% Sell Tax: 1%